Our Vision

As a 501c3 non-profit organization to fulfill the growing needs of various age groups within our community by providing high quality elementary through high school education with emphasis on traditional family values, a safe home for emergency cases, quality adult care center, youth center and other resources as needed.

Islamic School K-12  (Elementary, Middle and High School)

Meeting the needs of Muslim Communities in Contra Costa and beyond:

There are currently no Islamic schools in the Bay Area that offer K-12 Islamic Education.  There are a few schools that offer limited grades levels; however, many Muslims would like to live at an area that offers formal Islamic Education for all grade levels.

Our kids are our future leaders and our most valuable assets.  By the will of Allah (swt), we will provide the best education of this world and of the next that would allow our next generations to be outstanding contributors in science, religion, technology, and humanity.

  • Sports Hall: physical activities facilities for all members of the community- male, female, young and old
  • Meeting Hall: conferences, community events, walima, khatem, and town hall meetings…
  • Elderly Care: closing the gap with right care, right environment and right needs of the elderly and families
  • Eid Festival: enjoying Islamic holidays as one community with izzah, dignity.
  • Masjid: meeting the growing need
  • Da’wa Station: self help information center
  • Safe house providing a temporary shelter for Muslims, especially ladies.


14+ Acre land zoned as General Commercial with great location at Oakley Ca on Norely Road between Oakley Rd and Elm Lane. The land is next to freeway, within 1.7-mile vicinity of BART station on the boarders of Antioch and Oakley. It will be located in an area with great housing and growth potential and within one mile of Antioch/Oakley’s large shopping/business center.

Phase 1:  The first phase of this project is to secure the land for which we have agreed to purchase for $1.2 million subject to plan approval by the City of Oakley.  We have an open escrow with options contract and paid deposit of $60,000.  A design for a master plan has started, and we will pursue and follow the City of Oakley’s suggested steps and a final submittal of plans for approval by City Council of Oakley.

Phase 2: Upon City of Oakley’s approval of plans, we will have a payment of $1,140,000 to close the escrow.

Phase 3: After finalized plan and close of Escrow, we will implement the first building of the master plan, which is to build a 10,000 SF School building with an estimated budget of $2,300,000.

ACTION: We believe that every Muslim (YOU) should hold this project dear to their heart and support it in every way possible. Get involved, inform others, support it and get other people to support it.

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